Lunes, Enero 18, 2016

$SSI Make or Break...

Ssi daily chart, closed at 2.60. 

SSI Intraday was bullish despite World Markets bearish sentiments. SSI was up 2.56(1.56%). Afternoon trade began to rally from 2.42 all the way  to 2.60.  Top Buyers were BA Sec, BPI and ANGPING.

SSI has a support around 2.40 and a resistance around 2.60.

Earlier i sold my Ssi to buy another stock took a liitle gain, but got whip when i saw it closed at 2.60 and ends the chart well.
Will do a reentry tomorrow if it gains a strong momentum and look closely to those fibo points and bounce.

May the force favors us.
Chart will never lie.

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