Linggo, Enero 10, 2016

Davin -Da Vinci Capital Holdings, Inc.

When I bought DAVIN last  January 5  at 1.80, the market slump for two straight days because of China's Market HALT. 

DAVIN went as low as 1.76. Many  questioned our analysis but I held on because its still inside  the  DARVAS BOX. . I was checking its INTRADAY and it was still BULLISH.  It had mixed green and red candles (above chart) but at the end it was all green candles.


1 Minute charts

How to BUY a stock 

 Watch for breakout points with larger volumes. This is our point of entry! Only enter a stock with big volume breakouts(GREEN CANDLES). The same with sell-offs, only sell when there's big volume sell-offs(RED CANDLES).

Top Buyers were COL and Angping

Resistance will be on 74 RSI and above 80 RSI(Check first Chart above).  Your strategy depends on the action of your minute chart. If its still bullish then HOLD for maximum profit. Sell when there's a sell-off. The Chart is your friend, listen to it!

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