Linggo, Enero 17, 2016

$MEG, My Power Play

       "When others are fearful, we took the risk..."

   First spot at 3.58 last Tuesday, January 11. 
Trading at its lowest Rsi and 52 week low. 
Wednesday, it did soar high at 3.88 but didn't sell it and that night Dow ended up bloody. And as expected Thursday morning, most panic, gap down is everywhere, cut loss here and there, it pays me well that im still sleeping that time. If I'm awake should I? 
The answer is "No", why,,, because i know its a market sentiments and good thing I know its not a basura stock. 
At that time it closed at P3.71, kindly check my chart below for the Fibonacci bounce. The truth is while others are in panic other traders, jockey, brokers take that as an opportunity to buy.   
    As an old saying " Buy the Fear".

   Come Friday, am rally.... 
Yes,, finally i can say to myself 
Success is Mine

What a,,, yeah baby im surebol

                                                   January 11 chart

                                          Yes im also looking at the momentum

  Megaworld did not sustain its momentum 
And ended up in red after two days of green. 
Right now, its on a sideways with resistance of 3.88 and support at 3.65. For High risk traders and PCA (Peso Cost averaging) investors, MEG will be on SALE if we get affected by the Global downtrend,
Gap down is imminent but at this point as a high risk trader


$MEG was all downtrend last Friday but on the last few minutes of trading we saw big VOLUME spike.  

There is no reversal in the market right now, theres only dcb, bounce play and profit taking. Yun isang play lang mahirap hanapin so when you found one dont waste it.

Minsan natatawa ako, kapag may nagccomment or post ng magCut na kayo, takbuhan na ito, goodbye na ang mga good buy nyo. That kind of post cause panic to newbies, not only to them but in the market especially to those who dont have a strategy and plan. I read someone posted "Huwag na huwag takutin ang sarili". 

Im telling you frankly, lalaruin ka lng dito ng mga ibang mapagsamantala kapag wala kang alam. Simple advice lang but this is true..

*Gustong gusto mo magstock market pero ayaw mo magaral..
*Gustong gusto mo ng gain but how if you're not studying..
*Maawa ka sa perang pinaghirapan mo, magaral ka..

Hehehe,, dont get irritated with me I just want to be honest.
Kasi minsan newbie din ako, kung may may natutuhan ka sa akin simple lang ipasa mo lang yun learnings sa iba. Thats my goal. 
Pay it forward.

*** Update
January 18
Did a buyback on $Meg for a short trade tomorrow.
May the play favor me.

Power of Bounce

*** Update
January 19
$MEGalicious chart

Chart has spoken ;)

*** Update
January 22

G Sentiments

Si $Meg just to be clear to those who are asking ay nasa downtrend,, now bakit pa ba ntin sya play downtrend pla.. 
Because this is for the bounce player para sa mga trader who's looking for an opportunity sa bounce. Halos lahat namn ng stock ngayon sa market ay down but Meg for me is an easy play kasi in my observation sumasabay sya sa Psei talaga. Last friday I'm not sure of the exact figure pumalo ang Psei sa level ng 6k at si Meg sa P3 which is the support, from there nagbounce sya congrats sa mga bottom fisher.

Last Tuesday post a chart with a bullish divergence which signifies a bounce is near to happen.. This game is for traders not for newbie who dont know where to exit and take his profit. This is a High Risk play that needs High knowledge to acquire High profit :P
For me bawal upuan, profit is profit, theres also a possibility of ODR or one day reversal. So plan your trades and execute it. For me Meg real catalyst is the financial report which I'm not sure if end of this week will come. Lets see,, enjoy the bounce.. ;)

Long term, just relax..

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  1. May hawak din po akong MEG ngayon, buti na lang po nabasa ko tong blog nyo, mag cutloss na po sana ako kahapon e.. :) big help po ito.. waiting for the target price.. Thanks po

  2. Napansin ko nga din yun na.sumasabay sya sa PSEi...learned a lot from you...sana maging trader din ako

  3. Napansin ko nga din yun na.sumasabay sya sa PSEi...learned a lot from you...sana maging trader din ako

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