Lunes, Agosto 1, 2016

SSI- Cup and handle Formation

SSI forming a CUP and Handle Formation --- 3.20 support did not break--successive two green candles--next FIBO resistance  is near 3.40.

Will SSI return near 5.60?

Day two of the Ghost month--- it seems the market is still Bullish-- will it come?

For me , Im just buying and adding to my favorite growth stocks. Added MRSGI last week and im already UP 6% . This will be my new favorite growth stocks besides MPI.

Im bullish with INFRA and AGRI stocks but try to BODEGA steel-- support is already there!!

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  1. Hi Miss Guillen, I recently read your blog and I find the lessons very easy to understand. Will you be writing about how to use fibonacci retracement? I see that you used one in this chart but I am at a loss in where to place the min and max points. Thank you for sharing your insights :)