Huwebes, Hunyo 23, 2016


$PSEI, Reality of Market...

1st GAP- Done
2nd GAP- at 7100 level
3rd GAP-  at 6700 level
4th GAP- at 6200 level


1) I asked about BREXIT but I really don't care about the Brexit

2) Bcoz Market will still go Up, Market will still go Down

3) A true Chartist or Chart reader will lay down his chart and only ride the trend

4) Not good as it sounds, but I don't care if its bear or bull. What I mean is I don't put my emotions with it.. I only care about opportunities, gains and profit taking.

5) Believe it or not, Chartist or some veterans are just laughing and will only play your emotions here.. So take every opportunity that you can.

6) You see, you're in panic, we're just watching. So stay calm. 

7) There's no Genius in the Market, 
There are only Wise persons.

Choose to be Wise
Play those News
Forget your Emotions 

Because if you can't 
You may Leave the Market 

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  1. that being said, you mean, one should've been able to position themselves to sell prior the brexit referendum?