Sabado, Mayo 14, 2016

Double Dragon 29% Gain in just Three Days

DD-Double Dragon made an impressive run in the last three trading days!

From the sideways- 29% gain (SEE CHART)

1st green candle -23% gain

2nd green candle -13% gain

Did you catch it? 

Volume Breakouts are easy to spot but not all materialized like DD especially basuras.


1) Usually a chart goes sideways with mixed and green accumulation.

2)A Sudden Increase in VOLUME, 2x, 3x,4x or more than the average. ( TEST BUY or BUY in Tranches)

3) If you happen to catch one, have a INTRADAY chart (1 minute chart) to monitor the accumulation, check if there are massive selloffs sell( BIG RED candles) , if not then  try to hold for another day.

4)Cut if there are massive RED candles on the intraday!! 

Where is DD going? 

From Sir Albert's Chart DD is heading to 60  but I'm expecting a pullback for now then it will surge up again. I suggest you reenter for tsupit plays and average up for long term players. 

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