Sabado, Disyembre 26, 2015

MCP - Melco Crown Philippines

Only wave 4, but be careful a possible shallow retracement

A possible gap up on Monday with 21M unserved bid,

A bullish harami pattern, an am rally

Those who want to reentry buy on pullback

MCP -Melco Crown Philippines 

Finally,  a green candle with a big volume of 36 Million. MCP was Up by 6.84% from the previous price of 1.90.

Top Buyers were JPMORGAN and COL, while top sellers were CLSA and CSUISSE. Will this Green candles continue or this is just another DEAD CAT BOUNCE(DCB).

HIGH RISK because its still on a  DOWNTREND.

Support - 1.86
Resistance - 2.5
20M unserved bids in the last closing

NEWBIES stay away for now or establish CUTLOSS options always.

TIP 1:

1) Before buying, make sure your 1-One Minute chart is on. Check charts for big volume breakouts and sideways movement.

2)Buy on a uptrend , continuous green candles or when there's BIG VOLUME  breakouts(GREEN CANDLES).


3) Check for BIG volume SELL OFFS.  CUTLOSS  is a good OPTION HERE. If your a HIGH RISK TRADER , BUY on the LAST minute SELL-OFFs.

4.Sell when happy. Gain is gain.

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